Introducing ourselves

At Growteq, we like to keep things personal. When you call or email us, you’ll be in direct contact with one of our team members. Short lines of communication mean you never have to wait long for a response. To give you a good idea of our team, we’d like to introduce ourselves.


Growteq embodies a passion for Business Intelligence (BI), CRM, and process optimization. We develop effective and innovative solutions for clients, helping them grow through the use of technology. And we do it in a hands-on and driven manner. That’s what energizes us!

This means teamwork, both with clients and colleagues. Growteq is successful because this teamwork enables us to quickly provide answers to our clients’ questions. We opt for a practical approach: no lengthy design processes, but getting started quickly and demonstrating what’s possible to achieve concrete results.

We translate data into actionable insights and ensure that processes become more efficient and user-friendly. Everything we do is aimed at making organizations better, faster, and more successful. We are proud of that, and we are eager to share our success stories!