Our 50 experts will give you insight into your business.

In 2023, we completed 135 successful projects for over 83 clients. Whether you’re a SME or publicly traded company, we’re ready to give you fresh insights into your business.


Gain insights and a comprehensive overview of your business through data analysis.

Growteq is the go-to specialist for data and BI solutions tailored for mid-sized organizations. With years of experience in unlocking data sources and developing complex Business Intelligence environments, we stand out in the field. We also offer standard integrations and report templates, enabling us to quickly and successfully execute BI projects. A new addition to our BI services is Power Apps!

Our goal is to utilize Power BI or Qlik to enhance your understanding and oversight of your organization!

Growteq is the specialist in Customer Engagement (CRM) solutions for mid-sized organizations, realized through Salesforce and Salesforce-based add-ons. We integrate our solutions with back-office systems to build a 360-degree view of customers. This approach gives employees clear insights and structure in the status of quote processes and customer needs.

Our objective is to deploy the Salesforce platform to deliver the best ‘customer experience’, the ultimate blend of marketing, sales, and service.

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Een team van 45 bevlogen ICT-experts.

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Experience with Business Intelligence & implementing CRM systems? Our 50 experts certainly do!

In 2023, we completed 135 successful projects for over 83 clients. From SMEs to corporates, we are ready to provide your company with valuable insights!

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Work smarter and faster than your competitors!

During our 10 years of existence, we have enabled over 168 clients to work smarter and faster than their competitors. Over time, we have gained extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of the industries listed below. We have implemented Salesforce and Business Intelligence solutions to optimize processes and provide insights into business performance.

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Click on the demo dashboards below and discover how you can transition from overview to insight.

You can zoom into relevant control areas to move from a comprehensive view to a detailed insight. Here, you’ll find crucial steering information to guide your course. Naturally, each dashboard is fully tailored to your organization and its corresponding KPIs.