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Custom React Order Portal Integrated with Salesforce.

Growteq developed a multilingual order portal for Trendfactory that integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud. This portal allows for easy management of all contacts, leads, pricing agreements, and delivery addresses. It significantly reduced the overflow of email traffic with individual orders and drastically simplified the quotation process for both account managers and end users.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Improved Customer Relationships

Real-Time Insights

More Efficient Sales Process

Trendfactory chooses Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The Sales Cloud enables Trendfactory to easily capture leads, acquire new customers, and track the sales process. Tasks such as updating or viewing customer data and recording conversation notes can be performed quickly and easily from any connected device.

The challenges faced by Trendfactory:

Before switching to Salesforce, Trendfactory used the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) FileMaker solution. However, this setup had its drawbacks. Apart from the outdated layout and the program becoming obsolete over time, it lacked the flexibility to be customized extensively. For instance, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch colleagues had to use a Dutch version of the program because translation was not possible. Furthermore, it was not a cloud-based solution. In summary, the system was no longer suitable for Trendfactory’s ambitious, internationally collaborative sales team.

The Salesforce solution by Growteq.

Following implementation by Growteq, Trendfactory is now capable of capturing all stages of their sales process within Salesforce: from the initial contact to the actual delivery of products. This process typically starts with the placement of a new order, navigating through various generated documents, automated emails, status updates, etc., culminating in a delivered order and a paid invoice.

Key functionalities of the new process include:

With a single click, you can generate and send a quote, order confirmation, packing slip, or invoice.

Trendfactory frequently requires signatures for various documents. With the Salesforce solution, this process is seamless. Users receive a preview of the document to be signed, and behind the scenes, emails are sent out until the relevant person has provided their signature.

Each customer has a designated ‘preferred language.’ All emails and documents for that customer are automatically in the correct language.

In Salesforce, a queue is utilized at the core of the process. This allows the back office to collaborate on order processing. If someone is sick, this makes it very easy to take over their tasks.

All employees can view the entire history within Salesforce, even though not everyone is authorized to generate invoices.

During the sales process, the statuses of Sales Orders, Shipments, and Invoices are closely integrated. This allows for quick and easy insights into all actionable items. For example, the invoice will release the sales order once a prepayment is made, or the shipment will notify the user that billing can proceed as soon as the goods are delivered.

At all times, you can obtain an overview of everything that is open for you.

We minimize the number of buttons, fields, and elements displayed. This keeps the interface clean and enhances user-friendliness.

To empower users to be as self-sufficient as possible, Growteq is also developing tools that enable them to create their own Excel files, allowing them to batch import products, discounts, and more.

The complete marketing funnel has been set up with Leads and Campaigns.

Based on the destination country, automatic VAT number verification, and several other factors, the correct VAT is calculated at the right moment. There is a complete integration with Exact Online, where the payment is further processed. Sales prices are fully customized for the client, including predetermined partner discounts.

Every night, the live inventory from our warehouse (Dobbe) is fetched into Salesforce. From Salesforce, shipments are sent to Dobbe to be picked and shipped. A DHL integration is planned so that the shipment status will be up-to-date moving forward.

User Training:

Following the implementation of Salesforce, the training sessions began. By engaging in hands-on activities, we familiarized Trendfactory users with the system. The back office and front office were trained separately due to their significantly different task portfolios. Additionally, one team operates entirely in Dutch, while the other is very international. This allowed us to tailor the training to meet the needs of both groups. An admin training session will also be conducted, after which they will be able to perform imports, create dashboards, and retrieve statistics from the system.

The benefits for Trendfactory:


The platform can be automatically integrated with a multitude of other systems and software.

Ease of use

Create quotes with just a few clicks.


Growteq is always ready to implement updates for the client.


Everyone can view the history of each customer in their own language.

One way of working

Thanks to the fresh new program, everyone adopts more or less the same approach.


Secure, scalable, and accessible anywhere.

Excellent customer experience and client interaction

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Trendfactory is Rituals’ B2B partner. They are responsible for the distribution of selective products and gift sets to corporate clients.