TKI Dinalog chooses Salesforce.

Growteq, in collaboration with TKI Dinalog, has developed a solution for project management and subsidy management. The outcome is a unique working environment for TKI Dinalog employees, facilitating the guidance of all innovative logistics projects towards successful outcomes.

Seamless integration

One central hub

Optimized Salesforce environment

TKI Dinalog is a collaboration between Dinalog, NWO, and TNO. This public-private organization is a knowledge institute that primarily initiates and coordinates innovation projects within the logistics sector.

Growteq closely collaborates with TKI to effectively capture and track TKI’s complex projects using Salesforce, including monitoring milestones and generating comprehensive reports. Key functionalities of our Salesforce solution include:

  • Integration of historical project data from various sources into a central information hub for future reporting.
  • Optimization of the onboarding process for new projects at TKI Dinalog.
  • Enhancement of integration between the TKI Dinalog website and Salesforce, improving user-friendliness and efficiency.

A unique aspect of the solution for TKI Dinalog is the creation of a dedicated Portal for Lead Partners (project leaders). This portal helps relieve consortium members and their own organization of administrative burdens.

Portal for project managers and Power BI reporting

Recently, Growteq has implemented an advanced portal enabling project managers to autonomously enhance the Salesforce environment. Through this portal, they can:

Submit substantive and financial reports.
Communicate directly with the program manager and other key contacts at TKI Dinalog, facilitating streamlined collaboration with external parties and simplifying the reporting process to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO).

Additionally, we have introduced powerful Power BI reports, providing daily visibility of essential project information on the (secured) TKI website. There is also a dedicated dashboard for the board, equipped with critical KPIs to support their decision-making processes.

Salesforce for project planning and management

Salesforce provides project-driven organizations with a centralized platform that displays all project information, from initiation to delivery, in a clear manner. The extensive reporting and analysis features allow organizations to monitor their project progress accurately and make proactive adjustments as needed. Moreover, Salesforce facilitates effective communication and collaboration among team members, enabling projects to be executed more efficiently and with greater transparency.

Good monitoring: Also for government

Government is a key player in society, responsible for numerous services that directly impact citizens’ daily lives. Our focus lies in providing information security and solutions in BI and Salesforce. This enables the government to operate more efficiently, perform its tasks more effectively, and deliver better services to its citizens. We take pride in contributing to the digital transformation of government institutions, striving to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in this field to offer our clients the best solutions possible.

TKI Dinalog

TKI Dinalog is a leading Dutch knowledge center and collaboration platform in the logistics and supply chain sector. They focus on innovation and knowledge development, playing a crucial role in strengthening the Dutch logistics sector and promoting sustainable and efficient logistics processes.