Martinu chooses Business Intelligence.

In collaboration with Martinu, Growteq has played a crucial role in enhancing and professionalizing the company’s management information. To meet the growing demand for uniform, comprehensible, and prompt management information, it was essential to replace the existing reporting setup in Excel.

All data in one place

User-friendly interface

Optimal insights

Syntess and an Azure Data warehouse

Given Growteq’s extensive experience in supporting multiple installation companies with reporting solutions, it was a logical step to approach them for this project. A key advantage is their comprehensive knowledge of Syntess and the database structure of this ERP system. As the first step, Growteq integrated Syntess and consolidated the data into a data warehouse, with a strong focus on the reliability and numerical accuracy of the presented figures. Ensuring this reliability was essential for the data warehouse to serve as a dependable source for decision-making.

The Strenght of Power BI

Another crucial step was the implementation of Power BI. Growteq integrated all project-related data from the data warehouse into Power BI dashboards, providing Martinu with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to utilize management information for decision-making. These dashboards offer deep insights into project performance and financials, enabling employees to proactively act based on reliable data.

Proactive Results Management

In recent years, the construction and installation sector has faced numerous technological innovations. Data usage and analysis play a significant role in many of these advancements. These innovations enable products and processes to become smarter and more efficient. Growteq assists construction and installation companies in gaining better control over their organizations by extracting valuable insights from data and predicting future outcomes.


Martinu is a specialist in electrical engineering, service, and maintenance, designing and implementing high-quality installations for both residential and commercial clients.