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The automotive industry is highly competitive. Car manufacturers are becoming more demanding, and the pressure to work efficiently is increasing. Additionally, there are various developments, such as electric driving and declining aftersales, that affect sales figures. The need to have good systems that provide quick and accurate insights is therefore essential.

Business Intelligence and Analytics.

We assist leasing companies and dealership businesses in visualizing, analyzing, and consolidating data. The obtained information can be utilized in a user-friendly and efficient manner for analysis and reporting purposes. Our data warehouse specialists possess knowledge of commonly used systems within the automotive industry and integrate them into a central data warehouse. Our BI specialists offer standard reporting templates that provide insights into the following KPIs:

  • Number of sales and objectives
  • Revenue and margin (per car, salesperson, model, brand, etc.)
  • Lease contracts, driving behavior, damage history, and fuel consumption per driver
  • Aftersales and the productivity of the service department (mechanics)

Wittebrug: towards a data-driven future.

Growteq has worked with Wittebrug, a part of Riva Holding, on the implementation of a data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution. This enables Wittebrug to identify commercial opportunities, undertake targeted marketing actions, and coach employees based on real-time data. The collaboration with Growteq has helped Wittebrug to work smarter and more efficiently, which is crucial in the competitive automotive sector.

Broekhuis Groep

Broekhuis focuses on Apps & Business Intelligence.

Growteq closely collaborates with Broekhuis Group, a modern dealership company in the Netherlands, in the areas of process automation, mobile apps, and management information. Among other initiatives, we have implemented a data warehouse and BI tools, as well as the remarketing platform Flexibil. This collaboration has helped Broekhuis Group work smarter and more efficiently in the competitive automotive sector.

AutoKievit integrates Incadea with Power BI.

AutoKievit is a Renault, Dacia, and pre-owned car dealership with five locations in the southwest of the Netherlands. They employ the Incadea Dealer Management System, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central technology. Incadea facilitates crucial business operations within the dealership, offering modules for the workshop, warehouse, and vehicle sales.

Industry Solutions.

We have been active in the automotive sector for many years. As a result, we have a deep understanding of the industry and collaborate closely with several renowned automotive companies. Together with them, we have developed powerful IT solutions for the future: user-friendly and maintainable.

Dely app.

Dely app is a solution for digitally delivering leased vehicles. Leasing companies and dealership businesses utilize this application to complete deliveries quickly, paperlessly, and reliably.

Remarketing Platform Flexibil.

Flexibil, formerly known as BASOLUTION, is the international remarketing platform for the acquisition, valuation, and sale of vehicles. Flexibil includes modules for valuation and appraisal, as well as an auction and sales module. Transactions are conducted entirely through Flexibil, including claims and acceptance. Leading dealer companies in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland are already utilizing the platform.


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