Happy customers and higher margins via integrations and automation.

We aid companies in effectively integrating, optimizing, and automating their processes. This facilitates easier tracking of contract details, consumption, and product and pricing structures! Managing a substantial volume of transactions is also effortlessly handled by our experts. We’ve assisted numerous energy and network companies in digitizing these processes, including integrating Ecedo and Salesforce among other solutions.


For utility companies, administrating data related to contracts and consumption is a complex process. This complexity is often attributed to intricate product and tariff structures, as well as the high volume of transactions. We have aided numerous energy and network companies in digitizing these procedures.

Seamless integrations.

The solution empowers utility companies with the capability to intelligently manage all available data, thereby boosting employee productivity and enhancing the professionalism of their customer service.

Salesforce implementeren

A reliable foundation.

We accomplish this through a central ERP, Billing, and CRM platform constructed using Salesforce technology. This solution aids employees in efficiently managing customer requests by offering a unified customer perspective from a singular platform. Data from backend systems can be integrated through interfaces, enabling structured presentation of customer data, technical information, and billing details.

Vandebron is prioritizing flexibility and innovation.

The energy market is dynamic and constantly evolving. Vandebron required a service-oriented platform to realize their customer-centric vision in practice and to consistently enhance their service. Moreover, Vandebron aimed to diminish administrative burdens and concealed costs while averting system proliferation through this approach. The company sought a comprehensive solution with CRM as its foundation and opted for Salesforce and the Service Cloud.

Innova Energy chooses Salesforce, Exact, & Ecedo.

Innova Energy is a Dutch energy provider delivering electricity and gas to both residential and commercial clients across the Netherlands. They have been supplying gas and 100% green electricity to numerous Dutch households for years and are specialists in sustainable energy solutions like solar panels. Opting for Salesforce signifies a significant advancement in Innova’s customer-centric approach, as the company strives for a comprehensive understanding of its customers to enhance service delivery.

Eteck is prioritizing data and Business Intelligence.

Growteq has implemented several BI solutions and facilitated integration with the ERP system. As a result, Eteck now has access to all the necessary data to conduct analyses for process and project improvements. The company can now monitor the performance of its installations at the project level and track the achieved CO2 reduction, among other insights.

The energy transition fuels dynamism.

The impact of the energy transition is continuously expanding. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and expect innovation, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. This implies that energy production must become cleaner, and energy consumption more intelligent. To continue meeting the evolving market demands, it is essential for the sector to embrace developments in digitization, automation, and the Internet of Things.

Inspection and asset management for Siemens Gamesa.

Employees at Siemens utilize the application daily for maintaining and managing capital-intensive assets, such as wind turbines. When these assets require inspection, responsible individuals receive notifications. This application facilitates field service employees in executing their inspection tasks. Through dashboards, the application provides insight into the overall inspection results of the company. It contributes to regulatory compliance and enhances the safety of workers. Additionally, the application includes advanced authorization and governance functionalities for both internal and external users.


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