Growteq helps companies gain insights and clarity by connecting data sources to dashboards.

Growteq is the specialist for data and BI solutions for medium-sized organizations. We have years of experience in unlocking data sources and building complex Business Intelligence environments. Additionally, we offer standard integrations and reporting templates. This enables us to realize BI projects quickly and successfully. New to our BI service package are Power Apps!

Everything we do aims to leverage Power BI or Qlik to provide deeper insights and a comprehensive overview of your organization!

Click on the demo dashboards below and discover how you can transition from overview to insight.

You can zoom into relevant control areas to move from a comprehensive view to a detailed insight. Here, you’ll find crucial steering information to guide your course. Naturally, each dashboard is fully tailored to your organization and its corresponding KPIs.


The sales template provides a fully dynamic and interactive overview of the current revenue generated within the organization. It offers summaries of all invoices supplemented with expected revenue from open orders. From a helicopter view, one can descend into the model to the lowest transaction level. Want to build a high intelligence business? Click here!


The finance template makes data instantly accessible and enables real-time analyses. Every analysis can be elaborated upon in detail within the financial dashboard. It operates very intuitively and allows analysis based on cost centers, debtors/creditors, general ledgers, and journals.


With the framework, project members have access to current project data, and project managers gain insights through dashboards. The dashboard provides a fully dynamic and interactive overview of historically booked projects to compare expected costs and revenue with realized data afterward.


The HR dashboard offers a fully dynamic and interactive overview of current hours within the organization. It provides summaries of, among others, direct, indirect, sick, and training hours. From a helicopter view, one can descend into the model to the lowest booking level. This allows examination of when and on which project or code hours have been booked.

Comparing and visualizing data

Current figures prompt analysis, problem-solving, change, and improvement. We are happy to support you in obtaining this insight through interactive dashboards and reports. These BI & Analytics solutions enable smart data analysis and presentation. Need data consultancy too? Contact us!